I am a minister in a small, rural Wyoming town. My career path has also included scientific and freelance writing, and I just wrote and published my first book, “Whirled: Life, Loss, and Healing on the High Plains”. My book tells about coming to a small town after living in big cities, the loss of a friend, and the process of healing in the great Wyoming outdoors.

My life is full yet peaceful, with just me and my dog Tango living up here in the high plains. My son lives and attends school in Denver and visiting him in the big city is a great joy. I wrestle with aging and sometimes write about that process here.

I love the outdoors during all four seasons. I spend time at lakes, in the mountains, prairies, and rivers. My activities outdoors include birding, walking, floating,  photographing nature, browsing nature guides,  and camping. I wander here and there in my popup camper or take long road trips, camping in National Parks and forests along the way.

Gardening is another outdoor passion.  I started my hobby 35 years ago in the Arizona desert and am gardening now in an equally challenging locale- the windy and cold high plains of  southeast Wyoming.  Each year I make pickles and freeze much of my produce.

In the winter, when the garden sleeps and the nights are too cold to camp, I write, watch football and do sewing or crochet projects in front of the fireplace.  I read on my Kindle all the time, more than a few hours each day, which is partially due to the nature of my work. Otherwise I read memoirs and adventure/travel writing. You can view my current reading log here.

Since moving to Wyoming from Colorado 6 years ago, I have immersed myself in pioneer and homesteading history. I love the pioneer stories and their hard-working spirit. I am  especially interested in environmental  issues related to the western U.S

Here, I write about my adventures. One day I may write about gardening and the next, cooking, theology, camping, or life in general. If you find something interesting, please leave comments! Thanks for coming by.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. We share an interest in gardening. I mainly do flowers… tried vegetables, but we have too much wild life to contend with. I’m impressed that you grow enough to barter with… very nice!

    • I was intrigued by your sewing and patterns choices. I am starting to sew again…just doing simple skirts, tops, pants for now. Also doing some t-shirt transformations. Hope to graduate to some nicer things some day!

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