My new address is http://www.janesjournals.com (like before but without the “wordpress”).

I am so excited about the move. I am still using the WordPress platform and cannot say enough about how they make moving posts so easy. I also highly recommend Blue Host.com, where my site now resides. They are available 24/7 for free help and always do a great job helping me out.

I have not yet figured out how to automatically notify readers about new posts. However, you can add the new site (http://www.janesjournals.com) to an RSS feed. I have recently switched to: Newsvibe for my daily reading.

It is a free reader you can install, and then you “subscribe” to each blog or website that you want to read. It’s basic but very functional–easy to figure out. Every morning I click “Check for New Articles” and whooosh…in comes all the stuff I want to read.

WordPress also has a “reader” for all their bloggers.

This is a great way to clear your email inbox from millions of email notices about blog posts! Get them all in one reader–its awesome!

Thanks for reading and I hope you will continue at janesjournals.com. I will be writing soon about the solar panel I have received for my camper Half Moon. It is still in the box but I should be able to test it soon! I am very behind on Woman Cave project due to this big blog move, book release,  and the busy Lent season but it will move to the front burner soon!


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