I have so many projects in my mind..books, anthologies, a magazine. In my spare time I have been researching different software and platforms. I love Amazon as I have said before, but they have some disadvantages too. I want to use a multitude of options. I am also searching for content sources–writers, photographers, poets, etc but when you can’t pay not many people are interested.

So many decisions and options in terms of publishing. Do I want my stuff posted and read on cloud services? Do I just want to use the software? Do I want to publish other authors? My head is spinning.  Part of the issue, so many platforms and software packages are being developed AS I WRITE this post. Also, a new culture of consultants offers services that I can easily provide for myself with a little virtual leg work. Publishing has more layers than a baby’s diaper and is sometimes about as full.

Everyone knows that publishing is undergoing changes, right? That barely describes the transition, which is more like evolution at the speed of light. Feathers are flying, data bits are zooming everywhere, indie publishing companies (like my Antelope Alley) are springing up up overnight. The publishing world is not just smoldering: it is red hot with a million tiny players. Traditional publishers call the self-publishing world a cesspool of junk (partially true). New paradigm publishers call the old guard the rust belt publishers. Everyone is struggling to survive and fighting hard.

For once, the beneficiary of all the change is the consumer. Digital and print on demand publishers say they are democratizing the publishing world…which is true. EBooks are far cheaper than print versions.  If you have a few brain cells that are still working and are stuck indoors because of a long, snowy winter, you can print or e-publish a book. Of course, marketing is where the BIG 5 publishers have the advantage; however, new marketing channels for self-publishers are also being developed at the speed of light.That is my next research project.

However, I am taking it slow…finding out what I can in my off time, staying up too late at night reading online. Everyone is in a hurry in the new publishing world, but I am just moseying along learning what I can. I may make a few steps in the wrong direction, but that is the best way to learn.


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