I can not get the new Old Navy Jeans commercial out of my head–where the airport security guard goes ga-ga over a woman’s Old Navy jeans. It is just hilarious, and I suspect it is highly successful. I have considered going into Old Navy to try on a pair and getting that $5 discount myself!

The woman security guard is played by Debra Wilson. What a crazy voice and wild facial expressions. I dug in to find out more about her and learned that Wilson is an original MADtv cast member. Since I never watch MADtv, she is new to me. I read at Wikipedia that she also does a huge number of impersonations, like Jimmy Fallon does. No doubt. What a command over her voice.

I also love the I Pad air commercial shown during the Olympics (we can each add our own verse to the narrative of the universe) but it is so abstract that the ad does not  reveal what they are selling until the last second.

Bonus points for Old Navy for hiring such a creative group of people for their new ads. Double bonus points for hiring a woman over fifty! If you have not seen the commercial and want a good laugh, click here!


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