My brain is on vacation for a few days so I have nothing insightful or moderately interesting to write about today. I might find something interesting to say about Tango working diligently to lick every speck from the empty peanut butter jar, but yaaaaawn, too much effort. I could make a big tadooo about sitting here listening to cars go by, but I do not think most people would find that especially interesting. Still, I am enjoying having nothing to do but stretch out on Kerry’s sofa, surf, read, and drink coffee.

I did find an interesting word in my inbox this morning:

sciamachy \sahy-AM-uh-kee\, noun: an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.

Who knew that a fancy word existed for something most of us do everyday, by habit?


As I investigated the word sciamachy, I learned that is is also the name for fancy instrument attached to a satellite. According to sciamachy.org:

 The primary scientific objective of SCIAMACHY is the global measurement of various trace gases in the troposphere and stratosphere, which are retrieved from the solar irradiance and Earth radiance spectra. The large wavelength is also ideally suited for the determination of aerosols and clouds. Validation of SCIAMACHY is essential to ensure the quality of these derived products.


Clever! Back to my coffee for now.


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