It is time to pick up Half Moon from the RV dealer, after the warranty work. However, this time I came all the way to Denver first (3 hours), to visit Kerry. I scooted down today because the driving weather will be worse tomorrow. That means two nights at his place.Tango and I are getting quite a Kerry fix and a big city fix. I figure that the 5 or 6 blocks around Kerry’s apartment have as many people as all of Wheatland (and more stoplights).a

I passed right by the stadium where the Broncos play. I managed not to cry or even utter a whimper. I guess we have all moved on.

Tonight I made favorite dish number one: a green chili/posole type soup I have made for him since he was a a child. Tomorrow I make favorite dish number two: turkey and biscuits.

Also tonight, we watched a movie like always. When he was growing up we took turns: one week a chick flick, the next week an adventure film. Tonight I gave in without a fuss to Wolverine.

My plan while Kerry works tomorrow is to visit the Denver library and my favorite indie bookstore, after a stop at Starbucks. Hope to get some pics. Also planning to post pics of my woman cave projects soon.


Denver does not look green right now! It is snowy and bitter cold

6 thoughts on “Denver!

  1. Hi Jane – I lived in central Denver for 7 years; now in a small town on western edge of city. Probably is big city for you, but so vibrant and walkable and terrific people. What’s the name of your fav book store? I wonder if I’ve been there! Enjoy the library too! Safe trip home.

  2. I love Denver and the surrounding area. Those beautiful mountains. The big, blue sky. That big city that still somehow has a small town feel to it. Enjoy your stay and enjoy your son!!

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