Launching my new book, “Whirled: Life, Loss and Healing on the High Plains” was both exciting and mortifying. It turns out that I did not upload the correct final file to Amazon and Nook, but an older version that still had typos. Ditto for the printed copy. Talk about horrifying. Now instead of enjoying the release, I am beating myself up for not properly naming drafts.

The good news: Amazon stopped both and is setting up a new print version (only one ordered before I found the errors and that was my son) and a new Kindle version. Later today I will see if the Nook is as bad as the others.

More good news–the local newspaper won’t be running the article until Weds, after which everything will be fine, I hope.

Lessons learned from this first time publisher: always order the e-book and the print version and read them front-to-back before launching. Period. No exceptions. 


10 thoughts on “Publishing Lessons Learned

  1. That sounds like something I’d do…in my working days I’d have the wrong day of the week with the date on a five thousand piece mailing… I only saw one error, “m” for me maybe? But I truly love the book!!

  2. Always worth getting a third party to copy check for you. I well remember once at work having a grammar error in a piece I’d published pointed out by a ………. Frenchman. *ignominy*

  3. I am sure you aren’t the only newbie who has suffered this problem. I read a number of books and STILL find typos in them…not to mention a name here or there that is irrelevant to the storyline or one that might be related to someone else in another chapter. See? It happens. Don’t beat yourself up…just live and learn! 🙂 Lovwe ya!

  4. You WROTE and PUBLISHED your book – I’d say a better analogy is you nailed the triple toe and had a bit of a wobble (that you corrected, by the way) on the camel spin. You’re still on the podium with a medal!!

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