So this is my big year–I turn 60 in July. I have come a long way from last summer when I obsessed about aging. I am feeling revitalized and ready for whatever adventures I encounter or create. Uh, until I saw a photo of Christie Brinkley in a bathing suit. Seeing Jane Seymour’s bikini body a few weeks ago was bad enough . Now Brinkley. This morning, I also saw photos of Raquel Welch who is “still a sex symbol at 73”. These women do not have flabby arms, sagging bellies, wrinkled skin or cellulite deposits. .


What is worse? The Then photo of Seymour to the left is her “fat” self. Oh to be fat like she was. Look at those arms!

The timing of these revelations is all wrong. I was reasonably at peace about my gray hair. Moreover, I was just feeling at ease with my body by vowing that no one will ever see it again. Now this–a reminder that some women will always have perfect bodies no matter how old.

I have two choices here. First, I could shape up and lose weight for the millionth time. Or, I could figure out a way to dress these women in burlap sacks and banish them to Siberia. The first option would take too long and no matter how hard I workout, I would never look like Jane Seymour. So, I am seriously considering the logistics of the second option.Anyone want to help? They are making women with “real bodies” a bit nervous.


16 thoughts on “Enough with 60-Year Old Women in Bikinis and Bathing Suits

  1. Interesting post…I think you point out some great trends in general in our culture no matter what age you are. I basically avoid magazines these days. Before and after photos aren’t really helpful. Stay with your positive self image of yourself. People can be sexy at any age, as sensuality really does come from inside.

  2. Hi Jane, I agree with A Mermaid – and vote you come up with an option 3 that is you loving and valuing your body, not comparing it to anyone else’s, and not basing your self-image on how your body measures up to those whose livelihood is linked to keeping their body “media ready”. Love and accept yourself – mind, body, spirit and soul. Rejoice in these women “seniors” who are extending our “useful lives” in these bodies – they’re providing evidence that 60 isn’t “old” and time to “give up”, it’s just another year on the calendar. Enjoy your friends and your woman cave! That’s my 2 cents…Thanks for the post.

  3. I bet you could wipe up one sweet cover up! But truth be told, my flannel shirt, jeans and cowboy boots really brighten my spirit much better than a wet tight bathing suit!

  4. Don’t forget that celebrities have airbrushed photos! Even the ‘young’ ones. As an example of the ‘older’ celebs/models, here’s an article. http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/beauty-hair/news/nivea-ad-banned-airbrushing
    Personally, I’m going to wave the flag for women over 60 (and yes, I’m one of them!). We’ve got it better than our mothers/grandmothers, have a mature sense of things, are comfortable in ourselves, and if we lived someplace other than the VAIN United States, our batwings would be considered sexy!

  5. Enough with the bikinis already! Do I care? No. Does anyone really believe that having a personal trainer, make-up artist, hairstylist, nutritionist and psychiatrist make your life better? Or make you a better person? God, I hope not. At 60+, I have learned to be happy just seeing a new day! If I had to deal with all those people on a daily basis, I’d shoot them!!! Thanks, Jane for bringing reality to the core.
    PS…I used to live in Laramie. Yay! Wyoming!

  6. ah yes…I am turned 60 last year and feel just a tad intimidated by these non-aging celebrities. I like to think, that heck, there’s a lot of pressure to keep up those looks. So maybe we are happier with our frumpy bodies…and remember, it is all in the attitude. There is something interesting and beautiful in everyone.

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