Deep winter returns to Wheatland. Temperatures are mostly below zero again and a light snow has covered the town. Tango and I have a house guest for the week, a little black female dog who likes to sleep on my head at night. With her on my head and a jealous Tango wedged against my feet, sleeping has been interesting.

I have been off Tues/Weds since work commitments ate up my other days off. I am preparing my book for publication. So many details, like getting an ISBN number and creating a cover. I stay in my sweats all day and eat oddly. For the last few days breakfast has been loads of coffee and sandwiches made from powdered peanut butter. Lunch too. Between I eat yogurt and for dinner, hit up Burger King. No veggies, unless you count the onion rings!! Tonight I will clean up my act and eat some veggies and fish.

I do not mourn the Broncos loss because they did not deserve to win. In fact, I have a new admiration for the Seahawks. I do mourn the passing of football season but am overjoyed that the Olympics begin tomorrow. I love the Olympics, but also, I start measuring and sewing new slipcovers for Half Moon while I watch. I am calling the camper mods the Woman Cave project. Sure hope that enough snow melts so I can get inside the camper for the cushions. Leaving them in all winter was a bit of an oversight.

I don’t often write about my son here but I am so proud. He starts fire academy next week and is also working with an organization that provides insulation and other energy-related services to low-income families and seniors in Denver.

Once I get the book out and find a new camera card reader, I will share my Woman Cave Project! 


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