I stopped by the Verizon store yesterday to buy a new screen protector for my smart phone. Two twenty something men helped me and we all started yakking about nothing much. One of them used the term buttload. I joked with him about his language, but he informed me that butt is a real unit of measurement. I believed him, but did my own research later.

True enough: butt equals 126 gallons. The term butt may also refer to two hogs heads which is approximately 63 gallons or something that is 50 yards long. In current usage, a buttload means a large amount. You can use either buttload or butt-load, as shown below.


Some examples I created when I should have been doing the dishes:

  1. At the party, they drank a buttload of beer.
  2. She had a buttload of chores
  3. He had a buttload of opinions
  4. The teen had a buttload of attitudes.
  5. Today we will get a buttload of snow.

An so on….I love learning things in unexpected places. Who knew that even the minister can say buttload? However, I am thinking that I will stick with boatload.


6 thoughts on “Lesson from the Tech Guy

  1. Jane, many of these imperial measures of volume date back to barrel, sorry cask, measures from English beer making; a barrel being one size. My own favourite is the Firkin; check them out on Google or Wikipedia. Also if you can find a recording of a traditional song ‘Drink at the Barleymow’ they all feature in it.

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