I learn in the pop-up camper forums and blogs that changes made to campers are called mods, short for modifications. And this week, I pulled together the things I have been collecting for my own camper mods, which are mostly cosmetic. I photographed everything I have so far then placed the supplies into a large flex tub. Unfortunately, the computer won’t read my camera card reader so photos are forthcoming once I figure out what is going on.

Over the winter I thought a great deal about the colors and theme that I want for the inside decor. I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest (user name Tango Willis) and decided on a vintage, girly theme. My camper is, after all, a woman cave so it needs to be vastly different from a man cave.  The color palette includes pink, pink, pink, pink, along with white blue, tan, ivory. I am guessing that not many guys would want to travel with me, but, oh well,  I say. This is a woman cave and will look like one.

So, my list of supplies includes:

  • 4 yards pink striped fabric
  • 2 yards pink polka dot fabric
  • fat quarters of vintage fabrics
  • 1 yard vintage feed sack fabric, pink flowers
  • 1 yard burlap
  • 4 yards blue striped homespun fabric
  • trims: rick-rack, tea-dyed lace, felt flowers, buttons, beads
  • vintage stuff: table clothes, doilies
  • pillow forms
  • 4.5 yards Melton wool, tan
  • assorted yarn and felt
  • new curtain hardware

I acquired these items over the last few months from Ebay, Amazon, Fabric.com, craft stores and thrift stores.

As for practical items, I also purchased a memory foam topper for one of the beds, a water supply hose for use with drinking water, and a rechargeable vacuum to keep things cleaner. I have lots of little things ready too like non-breakable dishes, tools, etc.

Here are some photos from Pinterest which give a general idea of where I am headed.




The slip covers are coming soon! I was hoping to open up the camper today and get out the cushions, but he wind has returned!

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