If all goes according to plan I will take a 6-week sabbatical this summer. I have a sabbatical writing project (complete new confirmation curriculum) and will live/travel in the camper as I do the my project.I leave the day before my 60th birthday in July 2014.  Need I say that I am excited beyond belief?

If I were like most sane people, I would pack up the camper and be gone. It is brand new and in excellent shape. However, since I am a craft-loving person and prefer personalized touches in a living space, I plan to redecorate the interior. I will keep the original stuff for later, which will make the camper look brand new again some day down the road.

Projects, which I will share on the blog as I go along, complete with before and after photos– include the following:

  • slip covers for seat cushions
  • new curtains and valances
  • hand made rugs, pillows
  • hand-edged Melton wool blankets

I also need to acquire stuff to make living in the camper a bit easier, including

  • cordless drill for easily setting up leveling jacks
  • cordless vac with long nose so I can vacuum up the bugs who die deep down between the screens and the zip up windows
  • memory foam mattress pad
  • assorted extensions cords, bungees, rope, etc

As for being off the grid, which I hope is the case most of the time, I will:

  • install solar cell that will charge batteries
  • acquire a few more hand-held chargers for personal electronics

I have been experimenting with Harmony House dried foods and freeze-dried fruits and am super excited about the taste and endless cooking options.

For entertainment and exercise, Tango and I will go out in my inflatable kayak, which I bought last year. I figured I would have lots of other expenses, so checked that purchase off the list right away.

My first projects: the Melton wool blankets and slip covers. I will work on both as I watch endless hours of the Olympics in a few weeks. I will soon share the preparation stages for those two projects!


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