I missed the poodle skirt era. We had plaid skirts and knee socks. I still remember a brown and blue plaid skirt and matching knee socks that I wore in Junior High School. This photo is remarkable similar:


Shortly after that era, young women started wearing pants to school. Knee socks were less visible but still popular. By college I was wearing this look:

spring 07

Because I study pop culture, I have insider information about the new knee sock craze. Yes, they are back. However, they are often over-the-knee socks and created from  high-tech luxe fabric.


Very nice! I love the look although I personally am not wearing skirts over my knees anymore. This next photo shows my absolute favorite. If I were 18 years old, I would whip out the sewing machine and get to work making my own version. Seriously.


This is nice too, especially for winter. 


I am into tights now so I don’t really miss knee socks. Still, I appreciate their place in American fashion history. I am also reminded that all trends come around again. By the way, does anyone remember this iteration of knee-socks????



Men, if you find yourself tempted to go with such a look…DO NOT GIVE IN. Resist this at all costs. Birkies and white knee-socks are soooooo last century.

6 thoughts on “Knee Socks

  1. Ha ha, socks and sandals never a good look, In-fact socks pulled up when wearing shorts is definitely a no-no. Mountaineering in the 1920’s or exploring the uncharted parts of Central Africa last Century peut-etre but apart from that leave it to the sportsmen when anything but socks pulled up is simply and quite frankly shoddy and deserving of a punishment beasting of a run twice round the playing field as punishment.

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