Here are my favorite words from recent weeks.

wamble     WOM-buhl, or WAM-buhl, verb

1. to move unsteadily.
2. to feel nausea.
3. (of the stomach) to rumble; growl.

An example that comes to mind quickly: The groom wambled down the aisle the day after his wild bachelor party

delitescent \del-i-TES-uhnt\, adjective:

1. concealed; hidden; latent.

This word sounds so much like delicatessen, that I won’t forget it any time soon. My example in a sentence: I fear most his delitescent personality traits.

oeillade \œ-YAD\, noun:

1. an amorous glance; ogle.

Example: Even at ninety years of age,the couple managed an oeillade towards each other

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