aaaHome from trip. Laundry in washer. Phone calls. Appointments. Routines. Cords. Cords? Straightening out and plugging cords back into their assigned outlets has taken days. This task now surpasses even sorting and washing the travel laundry as I dig into my shoulder bag and pull out the tangled mass of cords that keep my electronics humming. Phone, Kindle, camera, mobile hot spot, GPS and more.

A more organized person would take the time to unravel the cords at home and then plug them into their place: living room, bedroom, den. I approach the task by simply digging into the dark tangled mass and yanking out each cord as I need it. First the phone, then the hot spot. Today the computer. Later the camera. Ahhhh, back and home and every cord in it’s place. Every device fully charged and ready to enhance my life. I must admit that my cords are not neatly installed, although I do admire those with the patience required to create neat cord assemblies.


One thought on “Cordage

  1. Lol… I can definitely recommend a couple of solutions for you to make this much easier. First, label each cord according to the room and device they belong to. It’s as simple as looking at the label options out there specifically for cords. Then, invest in an extension cord or surge protector that will keep all of your cords neat and accessible. I’m curious about a specific product called the Side Socket. I’m planning to pick one up soon and give my feedback on it, if you’d like to check it out and other tips I give on organization. My blog is dedicated to home-based business owners but the information is for anyone. Check it out… TheElephantInMyRoom.net.

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