Yesterday we drove up to Lincoln, CA (Sierra Foothills) to see another friend. We drove through the Sacramento River Delta and saw large numbers of ducks, hawks, gulls, herons, and egrets. I have not gotten any bird photos yet, but here are some shots of our friend Adele’s place out in the country.


CA cows!


old bike



vintage tractor

Today we went to town for breakfast and walked around.



And of course, the dogs are always waiting when we get home:


Mia on the left and her puppy Lola

Tomorrow we go to Santa Cruz for a few days. Can’t wait. In the meantime, I am nursing a cold and have totally lost my sense of humor. I will try to think of something funny for next time.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Days!

  1. Moss Landing/Elkhorn Slough is just south of Santa Cruz….perhaps I will see you and your friend on the water (I’ll be in blue kayak wearing a pink hat), ask the folks at Monterey Bay Kayaks if I’m out. Feel better/heal up quick!

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