This was a beautiful night for flying: clear and calm. Nothing overly adventurous on the way to DIA from Wyoming. In fact, I was so excited about my trip that I passed right by 3 Starbucks. Usually when I enter Colorado that is my first stop but I was a woman on a mission today. So, I am in California as planned and my friend Dixie had me laughing before we ever left the baggage area. In fact, all the baggage handling staff at the Southwest counter was laughing too. Everybody within earshot was happy and laughing. We should have been crying but there was something very funny about my bag being in Pittsburgh even though I was in Sacramento. 


Before we knew the bag was in Pittsburgh, the baggage ladies suggested that I hang around because a second Denver flight had just landed and perhaps my bag was on that flight. Dixie and I sat down to wait, but within a minute, I got a page: Passenger Jane Willis, we have a very important message, please return to baggage office”. That is when they broke the news about Pittsburgh, which got us all laughing even more. The best part: I walked away from the baggage area with a nifty nylon toiletries bag stuffed with toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, brush, shampoo, deodorant and so on.

English: Southwest Airlines airplane on the ru...

Southwest Airlines airplane on the runway prior to takeoff at Denver International Airport. Jane was on such a plane, but her baggage was on the way to Pittsburgh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AND, I received a $50 travel voucher, good towards any Southwest travel.  As the nice lady prepared the voucher, she said that most customers are grumpy. Baaaa I said. Grumpy never gets a person anywhere

I may have a good sense of humor; however, I obviously have baggage issues. As I mentioned already, I always over pack and lug heavy stuff through the airport. By the time I reach the gate I am exhausted from the effort. However, this time–SOB– I wanted to be a normal traveler and pack only what I actually need.  I repacked three times and I fit a weeks worth of clothing into a carry on bag (one pair of boots and 1 pair of flats instead of my usual 6 pairs of shoes).  I had so much room in there I was able to pack my toiletries for the first time ever. In addition, rather than lugging the usual 20 pounds of books, I packed my Kindles into a shoulder bag.  I thought, how fun to just check my carry on bag and walk to the gate real cool like with my Cabela’s shoulder bag draped over my denim jacket-clad shoulder. You know…kind of stroll up looking like a seasoned silver fox traveler.


And Pittsburgh? How can anyone confuse Pittsburgh with Sacramento? They are on opposite sides of the country and do not even start with the same letter. They have different vowels. I can understand confusing Oakland with Auckland, but Pittsburgh and Sacramento?

Hmmmmm. Yesterday I thought a lot about Pittsburgh as they valiantly struggled to obtain an NFL playoff spot, but I do not care for the Steelers so much that I want to send my luggage there. As a Broncos fan I should hate the Steelers, who have booted us out of the Playoffs on more than one occasion, so maybe it is karma. Elway, if I promise to never think a kind thought about the Steelers, ever again, will you please send my luggage out here?

In my life, nothing is ever simple…and the adventure begins! 

English: The Sacramento skyline, as seen from ...

The Sacramento skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “Jane’s Jinx

  1. I’m impressed that you kept your sense of humour through the whole baggage hiatus experience. That was good grace … something which I ought to include on my New Years resolutions!

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