A Northern Flicker (western version with red marks) visits the suet feeder now. With his red markings, which are not really noticeable in these shots taken from inside the house, he looks ready for Christmas. With that long beak, he pecks at the suet block, which is frozen solid this morning.Later in the day he will be back, after the sun warms it.

fliker 1

flicker 2

Even more exciting, my son heads up today for a week. Been cooking like crazy–pulled pork, ham and beans made with locally-grown pintos and local, organic beef. We MAY have good enough weather to camp at the end of the week. A camping trip with my son, which we loved when he was growing up, and a Northern Flicker. Best gifts ever! 

Here is a better photo of a Northern Flicker:

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker (Photo credit: Silviu Cucerzan)

christmas paint

christmas paint (Photo credit: cassie_bedfordgolf)

6 thoughts on “Northern Flicker at the Feeder

  1. Lovely bird. I’ve just been out to feed our visitors in our waterlogged garden following a scary storm ridden night. Despite slipping over while inspecting the damage I managed to put out their favourites and no.1 visitor Blackbird turdus merula who I hope is the offspring of last years most enjoyable friendly but sadly missed visitor nearly collided with me in his rush to get to the apple and cheese treats I left out. Then the rest of the gang turned up (sparrows, female blackbird, blue and great tit and of course robin redbreast) and polished off what was left in minutes requiring me to provide a second course.

      • Jackdaws are our most prevalent and unwelcome guests although they don’t ever visit the garden, but such are their numbers being communal that they make an infernal racket and roost in everyones chimney pots and eaves. We do have other visitors but the gang I mentioned are the regular ones this time of the year along with a pair of dunnocks when not chased off by the robin who seems to loathe them. I’m hoping for the Goldcrests to return if it gets colder

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