Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA

Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas draws near, which means work is crazy busy. However, each day I check something else off the to do list. The last few days: Christmas baskets filled and delivered to our senior housing and home visits done! Sunday: children’s Christmas program. Tuesday: Christmas Eve.

So what follows a busy Christmas season for a minister? VACATION. Providing I don’t get snowed out of Denver airport, on Dec 30, I fly to Sacramento, CA. I have friends there and in the Bay Area.

But first, My son will be here for a week or so. We have a few adventures planned, maybe a trial run in the kayak!

The birds are chowing down all the food outside and I may have a sparrow hawk who visits the suet. He would not turn around so I never saw his face.

All is well in Wheatland. Merry Christmas to all! May joy, love, peace and compassion fill our hearts!

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2 thoughts on “Ho-Ho-Ho

  1. Moss Landing/Elkhorn Slough is only a couple of hours South of San Francisco. I’m available for kayaking in the Slough most every day if your travels bring you down this far!

    • What a great offer! I won’t have my kayak this trip since I am flying….and we may not go that far in our exploring.I hope the invite is open…I will be out and about this summer too!

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