In the last ten minutes, I have given much thought to my Person of the Year. My first impulse is always Bono, an incredible man. I am only so-so about his music but I adore him as a person and spiritual wanderer. (I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For). However, he gets lots of accolades already and was invited to Nelson Mandel’s funeral. Someone else needs my nomination and the accompanying fame more than Bono.

English: Bono at the Vanity Fair kickoff party...

English: Bono at the Vanity Fair kickoff party for the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I considered Elf on the Shelf for finally revealing how they make Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss/Peanut Butter cookies at the North Pole. But no, cookies are not in the same league as world peace.


I also considered the man who discovered the “God Particle” but he just got a Nobel Prize. Hard to compete with that since I do not offer a cash award.


Peter Higgs

How about Angelina Jolie for her work as UN Ambassador? Na, she is too skinny for Jane’s Journals.

English: Angelina Jolie and Condoleezza Rice d...

English: Angelina Jolie and Condoleezza Rice during the World Refugee Day at the National Geographic Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who to choose? There are so many deserving candidates. Finally, I settled on….ta da…..ta da… ta da……Kim Kardashian. Think of the work she did in 2013. First, she managed to find a hot guy whose name also starts with “K”.


Then, she managed to get knocked up by the guy. Then, after the baby, she got a ring out of him. And…she put on and lost all that weight. She flew back and forth between LA and Paris numerous times while pregnant. However, the ultimate reason for her “win” on Janesjournals: she managed to fit her entire booty into the camera lens while taking a “selfie”.


Kongratulations Kim!  No cash will follow, you have more than your fair share already.

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