Most of my minister friends own and wear “clerics”–those stuffy minister shirts that have a white band peeping through at the neck. I do not, for various reasons. The most important reason: I have so many other fashion options, why wear boring clerics? Every year at about this time I scan the Minister Fashion Update magazine looking for my next wardrobe. Here are my choices for the next few weeks and through Easter 2014.

Christmas Eve:

China Fashion Week S/S Collection 2013 - Day 7

I always wear jeans the Sunday between Christmas and New Years Eve. This year I am going to step it up a bit:


My new Communion Sunday look:


Best purse out there for toting all my Kindles


Easter Hat and Shoes 2014:

A model presents creation by Lena Hoschek at Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 in Berlin


As you can see, I am trending towards a modified Lady Gaga look. I am also thinking about changing my title from Reverend Jane to Irreverend Lady Jane, which matches my wardrobe, my alter ego (Lady Gaga) and my attitude. What do you think?

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