A few weeks ago I upgraded my phone and extended my Verizon contract another two years. I do not love Verizon, but if you want phone service in this little hamlet, the choice is Verizon. The plan was to get another basic phone, but they enticed me with a free smart phone. Overall I love the phone except for one incredibly embarrassing feature. It blares out: KA-CHING each time someone bids on one of my E-Bay items. And we are not talking about big bucks here. I receive a KA-CHING on a $2.00 item after someone bids up another 50 cents. This does not warrant a KA-CHING.


ka-ching (Photo credit: mcfcrandall)

Embarrassing? Imagine me in meetings with other ministers. Imagine me at the hospital consoling someone who just broke their leg. KA-CHING. KA-CHING. Right? I preach about a less materialistic lifestyle and profess clearing out excess stuff (Simplifying, Five Fewer Things). I even sold my 1960s Barbie’s!  So imagine my horror as I am followed around wherever I go with a KA-CHING emanating from my purse. The Hallelujah Chorus should sing from a minister’s phone.

This is worse than accidentally emitting a little body gas in public. At least that is a normal body function and everybody knows that “older” people can’t help but let a little slip by now and then. But KA-CHING? Who can excuse such an overt sound of greediness?

Today will be trying. I have a number of items up for auction on EBay that end today. Those final minutes are when the bidding heats up, so, my phone will be ka-ching-ing like crazy. Oh well. I can cope. Temps have warmed up to a balmy minus 5 today; maybe I will just go for a long walk.

ka ching

Shania Twain, image from album “Ka-Ching”

16 thoughts on “Ka-ching

  1. Just a thought, but would it work to change your settings to silent and for the phone to just vibrate for incoming calls? I rarely hear my phone but nearly always feel it vibrating. Good Luck.

      • I just recently discovered your blog and the way you right is almost exactly the way I tend to think. But I almost always have difficulty in articulating it. I read out some of your entries to my wife who loves them also especially as she’s recently become “addicted” to crotchet(ing?) and loves all that sewing and knitting stuff. My tastes are more mainstream being a Dalek(ophile) amongst other things……ahem

        • Daleks! I had to look that up. Now, I am thinking that with a long winter ahead,maybe I will get into them too. I love aliens of any kind. Thanks for bringing me into the 21st Century!

          I will post your comment about my writing in the fride-seriously–thanks so much.

          • You are most welcome. Now Daleks….don’t get me started. I am a proud/sad (delete as applicable) owner of a full size prop. Its a peculiarly British thing although they do have a sci-fi following in Australia, the rest of the Commonwealth and of course the States. 50 years young this month but very iconic in the British psyche. I don’t know if I should admit it but most of my early memories tend to revolve around these wheely bins of terror. My one, with my wifes encouragement has embraced the festive season and been well and truly tinseled up, not sure if its all that impressed though. Pics will be on my blog in a couple of weeks

  2. You just need to find the setting on the phone for the eBay app and turn the sound alert off. Sometimes it takes some searching, but in the process you find out a lot about the workings of your phone.

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