I wish I had something to write about other than the weather. However, since I would rather be outdoors at any given moment, the weather is big news for Tango and me. BIG NEWS. I have seen the following sustained period of frigid weather only a few times and always in the deep of winter, after the solstice. Here is what I am talking about:

Tue Dec 3     30°        Low; 7°             AM Snow Showers, CHANCE OF SNOW: 50%

 Wed Dec 4    10°        Low:  -10°       Snow Shower   CHANCE OF SNOW: 50%

 Thu Dec 5      6°         Low  -6°          CHANCE OF SNOW:    10%

 Fri Dec 6     11°           Low -2°         CHANCE OF SNOW: 10%

 Sat Dec 7    14°           Low:    2°      CHANCE OF SNOW: 20%

 Sun Dec 8    19°         Low:  4°         CHANCE OF SNOW: 30%

 Mon Dec 9   22°        Low    7°        CHANCE OF SNOW: 10%


What the heck? Minus 10 degrees?  Is Canada simply sliding onto Wyoming as the Polar ice caps melt? This is cold, cold, cold, even for us. So, I send out an appeal to my Arizona and California friends: send warm thoughts and please get the guest room ready in case I need to thaw out. If this keeps up I may be heading your way soon.

Taken in Megeve, France

Ice  Crystals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ice crystal, electron microscope, photo credit Wikipedia

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