The last few days I have been keeping vigil at the hospital–a beloved parishioner has been wavering on the threshold. His large and wonderful family took over the back hallway and we waited, only to watch him revive a few days later. I know he doesn’t want to leave his wife and the rest of the family so he fought back.

So I am home. I spent some of my off-time shopping online for an inflatable kayak. It has been on the top of my wish list for a long time. My son and I owned regular kayaks when he was growing up, which we hauled on the top of my car. Now, a regular kayak is too bulky for me to handle. I knew the solution would be a good inflatable and I found one. It is actually an inflatable canoe, but has features of both a canoe and kayak. I believe I will be more comfortable in this hybrid (more leg wiggle room). Also, the inflatable bladders are inside that tough nylon outer shell.


Here is a review from a dog owner: seeing that big dog in the photo, I was sold

“To date my Rio has done over 450 miles of river trips, miles and miles worth of paddling lakes fishing for trout and salmon. It has been dragged over rocks while loaded with 4 days of camping gear, collisions with debris in the river, fishing lures bouncing off the tubes after missed fish and a excited 55lb blue heeler jumping in and out of it just to mention a few of the paces I put this amazing little boat through. No failures. I have never dumped myself out of it in spite of getting up on my knees to fly fish from it, or trying to get something from the storage bag that clips into the rear of the boat.

I highly recommend this boat for anyone that is looking for a do it all inflatable. Durable, stable, reliable”.

canoe dog

My very own Rio arrived yesterday, so between hospital visits I inflated it in the living room and got inside. It feels roomy.

I don’t want to go away from my friend in the hospital, so will spend the rest of the holiday at home. Hopefully I will spot some birds while wandering. I found this lovely quote today by David Stendl-Rast:

“Two things have to come together for someone to be grateful: First, we have to experience something we really like, and the second is that it has to be a gift. In other words, it must be a free gift — we haven’t bought it, we haven’t traded it in, we haven’t earned it. It is really a gift to us. When these two things come together — something that we really like is given to us — then spontaneously, in every human being, that joy rises up. It is something that happens once in a while – that gratefulness triggers joy. But we can live in such a way where we are constantly triggering joy. That is, if we realize that every moment is a given moment. Every moment is a gift. We have not bought it, we have not earned it. It is simply given to us. And with this moment is given to us opportunity. That is the key word. Every moment gives us another opportunity. And to respond to that opportunity, moment by moment by moment as a free gift, releases that joy that we are really looking forward to as human beings.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chama River, New Mexico 2

Chama River, New Mexico 2 (Photo credit: Digapony)

8 thoughts on “This and That

  1. What an amazing quote-thank you Jane for posting this-a lovely reminder of the abundance that is all around us if we take the time to see it–and that kayak looks great-I can think of one dog who would enjoy sightseeing in that-

  2. You give your whole heart to so many….and have opened up my eyes to so much! What a lovely lady you are…may you be blessed this Thanksgiving and MANY more days to come!!! Thank you Jane!!!

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