Yesterday morning I happened to look at the back of the camper. Oops–I forgot about the temporary license plate, which expired on October 1. So,  I gathered up all my paperwork and high-tailed it 1.5 blocks to the county courthouse for the permanent registration and plates.  Everyone is so nice there, and they got me squared away fast. Wyoming is a mellow state in terms of laws and fines, so I didn’t have to pay late fees.


New license plate for camper. The number 8 designates my county, HT means House Trailer. The number 54 is my lucky number (year born), so I can remember this one!

I have the itch to get out camping again. This coming Monday and Tuesday is doable in terms of weather, but I have the chimney sweep coming from Cheyenne on Monday. Still, I have earned at least an overnight. This week on my days off I cleaned most of this 4 bedroom, two-story house. I scoured the frig, the stove, and the bathrooms. I put down new drawer liners in some of the kitchen drawers and cabinets, cleaned off shelves, tossed out junk and delivered two large bags to the thrift store.  I dusted, scrubbed, and fluffed. The carpet cleaner came by, the refrigerator repairman fixed the dripping, and a plumber fixed the plugged bathtub drain.  I took first the car, and then the van and camper to the DIY car wash for shampoos. Tango is next, which probably explains why he has been hiding. Soon the garden and yard will get tidied up.  A mega-cleaning session like this one frees me for upcoming outdoor adventures. It is the trade-off for getting out of town, which makes me highly motivated to push on.

So, I am watching the weather, fully expecting another series of great camping days!


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