Well, I am not out camping, but that does not keep me from thinking about the camper.  Those darn pop-up forums!  Here is my list of winter projects:

  • Line plywood sliders under mattresses with reflectix
  • Cut reflectix panels to fit inside zip up windows
  • Sew flannel dog blanket to fit on sofa cushions
  • Crochet draft “dodgers” for below the  door and in the slide outs
  • Upgrade curtain situation
  • Add second propane tank
  • Solarize

Draft dodgers are long tubes filled with batting, to keep out the draft. I worked on the first one during Sun/Mon night football, and will post a photo when finished. The reflectix will keep things warm and cozy this winter.

I also put a little box of mouse repellent in the camper. When Kerry comes, I am hoping he can help me figure out how to put on the camper cover.

Other bloggers are posting autumn photos. The change of season seems to be so invigorating and captivating for those of us who live north of the 37th parallel.

Personification of Autumn (Currier & Ives lith...

Personification of Autumn (Currier & Ives lithograph, 1871) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Winter To-Do List for Camper

  1. I read a lot about reflectix…maybe something we should add for our windows…hummmmm?! Just finished a fleece tie blanket …one more to go. Hoping to head south next week.

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