I finally got out for a walk around 2 PM this afternoon. Of course, I took Walnut Way to get photos showing the difference after a snow storm. By that time, the afternoon sun had melted most of the snow. What remained were splotches of snow, as if someone had thrown cream cheese frosting here and there (a delicious variation on manna from heaven). 

Cream Cheese Frosting Flung Along Walnut Way

frosting good - Copy

frosting cool - Copy

frosting yes - Copy

frosting again - Copy

frosting - Copy

The sound of dripping water was pervasive, especially along the front of south-facing houses. In the end, we had two inches of snow, which seeps into every speck of soil the runoff encounters.

Dripping water

the melt 3 final - Copy

Half way down Walnut Way, I came up to a detour sign and barriers posted in a shady section of the walk. I thought at first that Tango and I would walk around the barriers, but just after snapping the first photo, I saw that a power line was down.

barrier - Copy

power line down - Copy

We turned around and headed home, seeing only a few people in vehicles and a few others moving downed tree-limbs from their yards. That heavy, wet snow damaged many trees around town.

Downed tree limbs  up right side of street

down tree limbs - Copy

As I neared the pedestrian tunnel each time, I was happy to see a few big rigs and cars pass by on I-25, which has been closed on and off for two days.

I would not call the snow storm significant in terms of the quantity of moisture, but it quickly transitioned us to fall out in the yard. The mums are bent over from the heavy snow and most anything else still living is either frost bitten or just gone.  I also call the snow storm disturbing. Just a few weeks ago Northern Colorado (a few hours south) had a year’s worth of rain over a few days and the resulting floods were horrific. Now, a fairly early snow for us. Crazy.

snowman - Copy

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