We had a blizzard warning all day, but the snow fall remained light and steady. Being Friday,  when I study and work on my sermon, I stayed in, lounging in sweats. The wind picked up intermittently and the lights flickered but never went off.

For lunch I decided to make something from a few of my garden veggies: I sauteed cabbage, tomato, onion and then added diced up brats, white beans, lemon pepper and garlic. Great snowy day comfort food. 


Also at lunch, I organized my 2013 pickles in a cupboard:


Then, I stacked up the clean spaghetti squash and small hubbards. I always put winter squash in the downstairs bathtub, which I fill with water and a few drops of bleach to kill organisms that cause rot over the winter.


Next, time to bathe the monster hubbards. They are drained and still in the tub since I am not sure where I will store them yet!


Finally, back to work in the afternoon; tonight I have my first fireplace fire while I push on with the sermon…cozy!

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