When I finally got into the garden I was surprised to find ripe tomatoes. I had watched the plants for signs of red as I drove down the alley the last few weeks, but  nothing. It turns out, the ripening tomatoes were on the west-facing side of the plants, where it is warm and sunny. I found there lots of ripe “sauce tomatoes” (San Marzano) and a few regular tomatoes. The batch on the left will be in the soup pot later today.


I have not yet picked the blue hubbard or spaghetti squash. I must pick them today, however, as the overnight temperature will be around  35 degrees.

spag sq

Spaghetti Squash Read to Pick

blue hubbard 2

Blue Hubbard

I also brought in some carrots, but the rest can survive the cold in the ground.


Even though it is late, the waning garden still has a bit of life and a few more treasures, like nice heads of cabbage and more eggplant. I also have some volunteer potatoes and am hoping they produced. I will forgo camping on my days off Monday and Tuesday so I can finish harvesting and processing my produce for storage. More photos coming soon.

season end

Waning vigor in the end of season garden

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