Bird - Blue Jay

Bird – Blue Jay (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I decided not to camp over the Labor Day Holiday. This is a peak time to pickle and start fall garden chores, so I labored my way through the day. Next weekend (Mon-Tues) I will be out again with Half Moon for another adventure.

I am trying to make my back yard a fall/winter bird habitat.  Sparrows, who will migrate soon, are playing in tall sunflower foliage. Some are also hanging out in the lower foliage of the flower garden. One morning I will wake up and the song birds will be GONE. However, any overwintering birds will move right in after they leave.

Already I have lots of sunflowers and zinnia, bird favorites. I also put up two finch feeders and two suet baskets. Fresh water is essential, especially in the winter, so I converted my hanging plant holder (four-tiered shepherd’s crook) by putting bowls where the coconut basket liners were.

To maximize my view from of the birds from the inside I set up two viewing areas. I put a comfy chair in front of the dining room window and another chair in the kitchen dining nook. The kitchen is bright and I can see everything. Sometimes, I do not see the birds, but I watch the sunflower leaves move as they flit back and forth in that dense canopy. I hope the finches come soon! I should also get some migrating blue jays in the near future.

Male House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus). Shot ...

Male House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus).  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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