Late yesterday afternoon I turn off my computer, fling my study books to the side, put the dog out, and take off for the State Fair, which is in Douglas, about 60 miles north. I take backroads part of the way, checking out possible camping sites at Glendo State Park. The air is crisp and fresh, and I am thankful to have a little outing and time to relax and renew.

English: Glendo State Park and North Platte Ri...

Glendo State Park and North Platte River view to Interstate 25 in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I visited the Fair only one other time, but I knew exactly where I wanted to go; I head straight for the photography, art, quilting, and horticulture exhibits, followed by walking around just checking things out. Oh, of course I eat dinner too: mouthwatering BBQ beef and corn on the cob. I topped those sane choices off with an impulsive stop at the funnel cake booth.

DSC02153Main Entrance

DSC02144Beautiful horse up for adoption


DSC02137Sheep Wagons

DSC02138Inside a Sheep Wagon (forerunner to campers)


DSC02119Double Yum

DSC02151Market Beef Competition


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