The morning is cool, calm, and luscious at only 60 degrees.  I feel fall in the air and I see in the forecast that we can expect thunderstorms. This is only a fluke; we have a hot, dry August ahead of us until fall finally graces our region. But, I like the promise of this chilly morning.

I worked out the logistics for getting the hitch and brake controller installed on the van down in Fort Collins.  I am not using the RV dealer because they want $800 for the installation while the U-Haul folks want $400 (a friend tipped me off to this fact). They have changed the appointment twice and we are set up for August 2, 9 AM. I can shuffle around my days off to make that work.

From there, I will drive down to Longmont to get my sweet camper. I not as nervous as I should be considering that I have never towed anything–good thing I follow a straight shot up I-25.

My Amazon wish list has bloated rapidly. The materialistic little devil who resides on my left shoulder has been coveting again: portable DVD player, solar panels, new linens, inflatable boat and on and on.  However, the kindly angel that lives on my right shoulder keeps the urges under control and allows only the purchase of queen-sized sheets since I don’t have any. I shall enjoy the camper as it is for now and purchase a few things down the road.

Solar is the highest priority and I did lots of reading about that last night. Connecting solar panels and a charge controller to a recreational battery is a piece of cake! It is looking like I can get everything I need to install solar for under $300. In the meantime, I plan to get a solar trickle charger to keep the battery up over the winter.

My maiden voyage should be Aug 5, for a few days. I already have one friend planning to come camping with me a little later in August when it’s not hot. I will enjoy having the company. Also looking forward to camping under golden aspen trees in the fall.

I read blogs and books written by RV travelers. Like boat owners, they have a name for their camper and, sometimes for the tow vehicle. Some are imaginative, some funny, some blasé. I want something with a regional, old west flair. I see my camper as a modern day “prairie schooner”, but that name is cumbersome.

Line art drawing of prairie schooner.

Line art drawing of prairie schooner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have also been reading novels that trace the development of Native American peoples and I have been enchanted again with their imaginative, nature-inspired names, like Willow, Falling Eagle, Day Star, Little Leaf, and Red Cloud.


Red Cloud and American Horse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since both the van and camper are white, I am considering the names Flying Cloud for the van and Half Moon for the camper. Flying Cloud evokes a regional connection and it was also the name of an American Clipper ship that made history by sailing from New York to San Francisco in 89 days (more than 16,000 miles). The navigator was a woman named Eleanor Cressy.  Half Moon reflects the fact that when not in use, the camper is collapsed half-way.

Flying Cloud, 1851 clipper ship

Flying Cloud, 1851 clipper ship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For now, though,  it is back to work, considering that tomorrow is Sunday, it is a good time for me to stop day dreaming and finish up the sermon!

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