Well, if THE Duchess is going to have her baby on my birthday something must happen SOON. Otherwise, I will miss my 15 minutes of fame and a lifetime of celebrating the future monarch’s birthday on my special day. I can also take some comfort knowing that other wildly famous people were born on July 15, such as”

  • Donald Willis, WLAF corner (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • John Dolmayan, Lebanese-born drummer
  • Janice Bremner, Burlington Ontario, synchro swimmer
  • Kara Drew, An American professional wrestler better known as Cherry
  • Rebecca Snyder, Grand Junction Colo, air pistol (Olympics-1996)
  • Faraz Anwar, Pakistani guitarist (Mizraab)
  • Andre Nel, South African Cricketer
  • Scott Ritter, UN weapons inspector in Iraq
  •  Brigitte Nielsen, Eisinore Denmark, actress
  • Steve Thomas, Stockport England, NHL left wing (NJ Devils)

I am especially excited to find out that Scott Ritter and I share birthdays. A royal baby pales in comparison.

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Dahlia (Photo credit: VerseVend)

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