What a busy but blessed week I’ve had. As I mentioned earlier, 5 young adults stayed in my home. They were counselors for our Vacation Bible School. So my days were filled with the zeal our young kids and the mornings/evenings with the banter of young adults. How lucky I am to spend time with kids and to help instill values of love and compassion.

Photos of counselors

b (4) staff (5)

Some of the campers!

kobe (2) todd brock torrie (2) torrie (3) ts twins austin (5) carols (6) hadley (3) Kade

So, after all the excitement, it is back to regular routines for me. In many ways it is good to get back to everyday life, but the special times sure feed the soul, especially when spent with kids. And the next chance for that will come fast because County Fair starts in a few weeks and many of these same kids will show their 4-H animals. It’s another bit of small town life I will share with you all.

In the meantime, I will soon make an escape to Denver for a few days and should have some mini-trip photos!

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