Being a minister, some expect me to be a notch above others on the perfection scale. But, I am here to say, it is impossible to be perfect. Ministers are like every other flawed person. Besides, who likes a “holier than thou” type? I am thinking it is even good for the soul to have some startling habits.   So, my spiritual advice this week is: own your bad habits, live imperfectly, relax for cryin out loud.

My Top 10  Bad Habits

  1.  I leave my dirty dishes on the counter, often letting them accumulate for days at a time. I know it’s time to wash them when I get a faint odor from the kitchen
  2.  I don’t clean house enough (I usually wait till someone is coming over then run around, so if I don’t get any visitors, things get bad around here)
  3. I exaggerate about everything….everything…everything
  4. I eat too many sweets and am especially fond of Reese’s peanut butter candy (eggs, hearts, cups) and York peppermint patties
  5. I forget to give my dog fresh water everyday (the clue that I have been a bad dog owner is when I hear a lapping sound in bathroom).
  6. I tried Fireball Whiskey and I love it.
  7. I clip the curb or median when driving my van, and it is a miracle I have not torn apart tires
  8. I Walk too fast, trip, and now that I am older I sometimes fall and break bones
  9. I have dozens of of unread books on my Kindle, and hundreds in my Amazon Wish List.
  10. I drive myself too hard, expect too much of myself

Now, keep in mind these are only my top 10. If you want to hear everything, bring me a bottle of Fireball Whiskey and some Reeses and we shall talk!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “True Confessions: My Top Ten Bad Habits

  1. i invite people over frequently just to give myself incentive to do housework; otherwise, i just let the kids run amok and let FEMA come in and fix things up.

    Paper plates work well… get the biodegradable kind and throw them into the composter later so no one can guilt trip you on conspicuous consumerism.

    And as for the dog, for the life of me i’ve never figured out why someone hasn’t just come up with a giant water dispenser for dogs like the ones they have for hamsters. There’s an idea for your first million!

  2. I love this post! (I’m sitting here, eating a Snickers bar, the dishes still on my counter, and laughing out loud about your house cleaning habits (I think you are a true sister!). So pleased to meet you!

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