I have spent time looking at camping trailers. Now I am leaning back towards a Class C camper which is on a van chassis but can be up to 31 feet long. I have second thoughts about towing a trailer even though that set up has lots of advantages. The only negative to a Class C is that they are more expensive. So, I keep going back and forth, with others nudging me gently and lovingly to a Class C. I have been advised to look for a fiberglass body, not aluminum, which can leak. Fortunately I see used ones in all price ranges so that should not be an issue.

class c

I don’t have too much vacation left this year so my timeline for purchasing a camper has changed too, allowing me more time to decide. In January my vacation time will reset so I am thinking of taking off in the van in search of a camper. I will get all the way to AZ if I need too. When I find the right thing, I will trade in the van and wander a bit in the new camper if I have time. I am also thinking that the January timing may be better in terms of price. Who knows!

Now, my guy friends will laugh at me, but in the meantime I have started kind of a hope chest. In the old days, young maidens used to hand make things for their future household. When they married, they had all their linens and such. I have started making things for my future camper, including a table runner and throw pillow. I am also crocheting a blanket. Making these things also gives me more time to plan and think, since a Class C costs more.

In the meantime, camping in the van is fun as always. In some ways I will miss it when the day comes.


Older Class C Camper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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