It is much easier to cook dinner at home and sleep in my own bed. Some unknown force sends me out into the wild, with a van full of high tech camping gear and my dog. We walk around, scavenge for tidbits, watch fish jump, listen to birds fight, and cook up a little something to eat. Next, I like to take photos, and then  build a campfire at night. Bedtime is always the same: Tango, Kindle, and I snuggled in the sleeping bag.

This morning it is so cool and shady as I sit under a towering cottonwood drinking coffee. Tango is munching old meat bones left behind by other campers. I try to stop him but it looks like he  scoured the area last night and created quite a stash somewhere…like me but with chocolate.  We will be home before it gets hot, but what a cool, breezy overnight.

Last evening a storm passed us by but it left some clouds and opportunities for sunset photos. I have not edited these yet.

The following are before the sunset light show


old man tree 2

tango best

Lots of light changes during the long sunset



misty mountain

sunset 4

sunset 3

My favorite for the night

bird fab

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