Dear Master Gardener,

We don’t know how you pulled it off, but we are a garden! Weeds are under control. Compost has been laid onto beds. The corn, summer squash, blue hubbard, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, okra, and sunflowers are germinating. The jalapenos are setting already.


corncorn says, “hello world”

blue hubbardblue hubbard looking tentative

zukeZuke, strong and ready to conquer the world

jalapenoJalapeno! Look in the middle behind the downward pointing leaves

The perennials are flowering, other areas of the  flower beds are full of seeds and a few new plants. All that remains is to plant a few more flowers, bush green beans, and edamame.

ront flower bedDay lilies





Delphinium, hollyhocks in background

You can probably back off on watering so much now that things are germinating. We are getting wet feet out here and also need some kind of nourishment.

Sorry about the peas that never germinated. We think that you soaked them too long. A half hour is enough–2 hours is too long. And, you would have had more success in the hay bale greenhouse with a bit more water and shallower seeding. We hope you will replant there.

Our job now is to produce for you. Already we have flowers blooming at all times. The Iris have started but many others are setting buds, including the day lilies.

We loved having our first visitor, it makes us feel proud! Everybody, come by and check us out!

Your growing garden

Dear Sweet Garden,

I sat outside for so long last evening. Even though growth is just starting, it feels so earthy and lush. The layer of composted manure that Bob put down last fall is so dark and rich. I have a good feeling about this year. Mother Nature seems to be on our side, and I have my garden mojo back.

Oddly, even though the timing was so late and my travels interrupted planting, this has been a peaceful garden season. I guess letting go and just going with the flow seems to make for a more peaceful experience.

I have  replanted the hay bale kitchen garden. I tried something different. I mixed together 4 seed packets ( kales, spinach, chard) in a container. I shook it up well and ligthly sprinkled the seed mix on top of the soil in the hay bale planter. Then, I sifted some compost gently over the whole area, and watered well. With the hot days predicted for this week, that should get things going in there PDQ.

Well, today I take a day off from the garden since temps will be in the 90s. I will try to get some of the house cleaned and take off at dinnertime to camp nearby and do some night photography.

Peacefully yours,


front yard

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