My taste, hearing and sight are on overdrive here in beautiful Denver. The most delightful sound is an ice cream truck playing a cheery song as it moves through the neighborhood late Monday afternoon.  Other city sounds that wiggle into my ears: horns honking, kids speaking in Spanish, doors slamming, sirens wailing endlessly, planes angling towards the airport, buses slowing down for a stop, buses getting up to speed after loading passengers, hissing geese protecting the fuzzy young down in the park.

I love the exotic tastes available in the city. This trip I experience Ethiopian food, all spicy and wrapped in a pancake made from fermented dough and washed down with an Ethiopian beer.

However, for me, the visual feast is the best part of a city visit. People move about in all directions. Tall city buildings twinkling in the distance at night seem magical. Panhandlers beg on nearly every corner downtown. Elegant ladies saunter by in summer fashions, free spirits wander around with their rubber chicken purse.

Wait a minute…rubber chicken purse? That’s right. I saw a young women with a rubber chicken purse. She and her guy were standing on the corner for the light to change. He was dressed in city grunge and she was in hippie clothes, carrying a rubber chicken purse just like mine. I was in the van and could not grab my camera in time. The light changed, they crossed the street and I drove on. But what a beautiful moment.

After walking the 5K trail around the park, I waited for the sun to set in hopes of getting some Denver skyline photos. A few came out alright, but since I didn’t have my tripod, they are a bit grainy. Here is one, showing the lake in the foreground and the buildings in the back. I zoomed in quite a bit to get this shot:


And of course, the best sight of all:


So, Kerry and I hope to do a little hike this morning, then I head on home! I sure hope the garden seeds have germinated. I set up the automatic watering and am expecting lots of visual treats in the garden, as well.

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