I am on the road again! Only this time the trip was just 180 miles from door-to-door. I am in Denver visiting my son, Kerry for two days. I left in the afternoon on Sunday and the light was too bright for photos. I will try to get some on the way back Tuesday evening. Wyoming and northern Colorado are so green right now. It’s amazing after our long drought last year to see the vibrant spring green colors. No camping this time. Tango and I get to sleep on Kerry’s bed. Tomorrow morning I will have fresh coffee waiting whenever I decide to get up.


I had a great surprise. Kerry’s lovely lady came up from Colorado Springs to have dinner with us. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant, which was surprisingly good.

We had to drive through downtown Denver to get to the restaurant. The lights and sounds are intense (my little town has two stop lights). Cars and people  everywhere, but it is really a fun change to be back in the lively city.

The most interesting sight downtown was a mobile mammogram vehicle (like a mobile library set up except it was pink). Yikes…I guess in Denver they track you down if you miss your annual appointment. Imagine walking down the street and having one of those trucks following you. I can hear the loudspeaker now: “Ms. Jane, you are overdue for your mammogram. We are following you now, step right up. Repeat, step right up. We have a team inside just waiting for you.”

Now, you are most likely aware that marijuana is legal in Colorado. So, to take this whole thing another step, imagine you are just leaving the pot club and you find yourself being chased by the mobile mammo machine! Holy Mackerel, that would be a scare. I suspect that the heart attack rate among Colorado women will soon be on the rise.

denver 6

denver 5

I wonder, what is next in these big cities? Mobile colonoscopy units? Mobile prostate testing units filled with glove snapping medical personnel?

It’s getting to be a medical police state colored in purple haze down here. I have already planned my escape route for Tuesday. I will sneak north on side roads that are too narrow for these mobile medical snoops. I may have to pass a pot shop or two, but I can zoom by those. I am driving the van so perhaps I can go undercover as a plumber as I sneak back towards sleepy Wyoming.  I will let you know if I make it.


ahhhhh…it is still Broncos country despite all the madness

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