There is not much to write. I did a nice long walk with my Perfect Running Partner, then nothing else all week. I have reached my annual 8 week drop out point. It’ is so embarrassing to have to admit it.

However, because I have made a public commitment to run a 5K this year, I am going to start over for the first time ever. I love the feeling of running, and I will get a good start to my new training because I am in Denver. A lake near my son’s apartment is exactly 5K around the perimeter. Tomorrow we will do a hike somewhere.

So, with a new resolve I am on to Training week 1.2 . While down here I am going to get a spanking new pair of running shoes to help motivate me!


2 thoughts on “5K Training – Week 8

  1. I’ve really got to get my running/walk mojo back…I know it’d help my outlook so much! This house selling wait is really wearing on me…sat at desk in tears today as lost my BFF at work to another job, etc! So unlike me to be so sad…exercise would sure help immensely! Maybe some sweet PINK shoes would help me too!

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