Today was finally the big church rummage sale. I am happy to say that I took over far more TO the sale than I brought home FROM the sale. I took boxes and boxes of stuff and brought back only one with someone else’s junk. That has not been true in past years; however, I am serious about getting rid of stuff and living a more “minimal” lifestyle”.


Isn’t this the nicest bunch of rummage you have ever seen?

The following photos are my nominees for least understood rummage (no one knows what the heck it is)







The following is my nominee for most historical rummage item:


Here are the most colorful items



And here is our prize vintage item


Now, the news you have all been waiting for. I have a mop head that I could not donate to the rummage sale because there are no refills anywhere within 500 miles of our little town. Because it is plastic, I am hesitant to throw it away. After intense internal dialogue, the mop became part of my rain gauge system! All I used was a mop without the sponge head, copper wire, and a rain gauge. I propped up the rain gauge in the chain link fence. Voila, a masterpiece of upcycling.  The photos are crummy, been playing with camera settings.

DSC01190 DSC01193

Range gauge out in the veggie garden area

2 thoughts on “Rummage Sale Success and News About the Mop Head

  1. What a wonderful post – even down to the very end with your mophead gauge!
    It’s hard to not pick up “just a few unnecessary but oh, so unusual” items, isn’t it? You are well on your way to minimalism ~ I hope I can be such a responsible adult and eliminate the stuff – 🙂 Loved the lamp…..oh, dear….such willpower it takes! LOL

  2. You sure brought the fun out of the sale…I failed to identify any of those unusual items but I’m in love with the lamp! Nice save on the mop…PERFECT!

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