This weekend I have a wedding. On Sunday, we have a Baptism, Sunday School awards, and Memorial Day acknowledgements! However, nothing is more important than my search for the perfect mop : )

I do have a mop already, and it is only a year old.  The problem is, the mop is headless (sponge less really). I returned to the store where I bought it and they no longer sell the sponge replacements.While in Cheyenne I tried Wal-Mart, which had the brand I need. I carefully schlepped the little treasure home and-sob-it didn’t fit my mop. So, the mop has been riding around in my van, and every time I drive by a store that might have a replacement, Mr. Mop and I run in. No luck so far.

Normally, I don’t give a hoot about my floors. The floors are light colored and it’s a full time job if you need to have them perfectly clean, so I live with it. However, this is the time of year when I track in a great deal of garden soil. Tango makes little muddy prints on the kitchen floor too. It is too much even for me. So, time to find that mop head replacement. I feel like I have been everywhere. In the end, this weekend I finally shelled out $19 plus tax on a new mop. It is the brand that the original store carries now. They have replacement heads now. But what about 6 months from now?


My old, headless mop and new mop getting acquainted. Makes me want to sing “Who’s That Lady” just like the commercial

I think I have uncovered a mop conspiracy here. The stores carry one brand of mop for 6 months, and then just when you need replacements, they switch to another brand. This way, they get $19 again, rather than a measly $6 for the replacement. See where I am going with this? Planned obsolescence.  Floor moppers everywhere should be in an uproar.  Revolution against the mopping machine!

Besides, how can I be a voluntary “have not” when I have 1.5 mops? It is shameful.  I can’t even take the .5 mop to the church rummage sale, because its bad karma to give away something that is useless to anyone. Ditto for the thrift store. Another problem: these headless mops are plastic. That means they will live for all eternity in a land fill or someone’s garage or in an irrigation ditch if a disgusted mopper heaves it out the back door.

That leaves me with only one choice: upcycle the darn headless mop (DHP). I could turn it into something else, give it a new use. But, what, considering that the empty sponge holder is still attached. Perhaps, I could saw off that part off of the DHP. I would have a simple pole. But the head would sit around useless for 1,000,000 years.  No….that will not do. I need to find a new use for the whole DHP, as is. I have no plausible ideas at this point, so stay tuned. I will think of something. All suggestions appreciated. \\\


6 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Mop

  1. Hilarious, Jane, because I have been mophead hunting many a day…..am not sure what is propped in the corner of my utility room at this point in time in America, headless or the completed mop! Here in Mongolia it’s a rag on the end of a pole.

  2. Bean poles or fence around garden 🙂 so many store choices these days that go to the wayside…had the same fit with mini paint rollers one year…

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