I love my job and I especially love doing it in Wyoming. I had the honor of performing a wedding ceremony on a ranch at Slater, WY. A large meadow was set up with hay bales for seating (covered with colorful fabric). The bride and attendants rode into the meadow on a flat bed trailer, hauled by a tractor driven by the bride’s dad. The wedding arch was situated to take advantage of a magnificent view, near Chugwater, WY.

The bride’s attendants wore jean jackets and boots! Instead of a unity candle ceremony, the bride and groom branded a round flat piece of wood! I could go on and on, but you get the idea: everything was ranch themed, including the reception which was also on the ranch.

We were blessed with perfect weather, too.


Flower Girl


Bride and Attendants, Hay Bale Seating in Background

DSC00947Bride and Groom after Ceremony


Dad’s Vintage Tractor

DSC00940Groom After Wedding Ceremony


View for Guests, Through the Wedding Arch- Are we Greening Up Out Here or What!!

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