5K Week 7

Ah…feeling much better this week. For one thing, I am back with the Perfect Running Partner (PRP) which makes it all so much more fun. And, out on her ranch I discovered she has the Perfect Running Trails (PRT). We did a meandering stroll of about 2.5 miles yesterday and it was beautiful out there.

Earlier in the week I focused on stretching most days, and some evenings.  I also walked every other day. I am trying to recover from that awful muscle pain a few weeks ago.


This week I also paid a visit to my doctor in Cheyenne. She says to drink electrolytes (esp coconut water) immediately following walk/runs, stretch and be patient. She suggested that my body won’t respond as fast. that I need to be more careful and stretch out my training calendar. If the pain doesn’t mostly go away in two weeks I have to go back as a med I take could be involved.

I am happy to report that my muscles are not as achy after a week of stretching and just easy walking. I have some stiffness but not much pain.

By the way, I love my new stretching DVD. I have the book written by the same guy, and I always loved it. The DVD is easier to follow. Check it out: “Stretching, The DVD



2 thoughts on “5K Training – Week 7

    • The stretching has really helped. If you do pilates you might find that stretching DVD too basic. I over did it a bit in the garden yesterday afternoon but am on the mend overall!

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