May 17 2013

Dear J,

It was so nice seeing you out here in the garden last night. That hour right before dark is our favorite time of day, and to see you among us was a delight. The flower beds you raked out are breathing a sigh of relief. Oh, fresh air!

By the way, we have been wondering what you will plant this year? It is fun to think ahead to all the deliciousness we will produce. Would you mind sharing your seed selections?

 Vegetatively yours,


blue hub

Big, Bad, Blue Hubbard

Dear Garden,

I would be happy to share my seed choices. In fact, just yesterday I purchased a few more seed packets. Here is the list:

  •  Sweet Basil
  • Cabbage, Earliana and All Season
  • Winter Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Blue Hubbard
  • Summer Squash,  Dark Green Zucchini, Green Scallop
  • Spinach, Giant Nobel. Bordeaux, Bloomsdale
  • Bok Choy, Toy , Chinese Pak Choy
  • Swiss Chard, Fordhook Giant
  • Kale, Nero di Toscano
  • Carrot, Danvers Half-Long
  • Corn, Earlivee, Golden Jubilee, Bodacious
  • Cucumber, National Pickling
  • Green Beans, Contender
  • Soybeans, Envy
  • Pea, Sugar Snap
  • Lettuce, Bibb, Red Romaine
  • Tomatillo, Verde
  • Yellow Onion Sets
  • Tomato, Red Cherry Large, San Marzano (will plant directly in the soil
  • Okra, Clemson Spineless
  • Kale, Vates Dwarf Blue
  • Turnip, Shogoin
  • Kholrabi, White Vienna
  • Dill
  • Marigold, Lemon Gem
  • Four O’Clock, Marvel of Peru
  • Gaillardia, Godlen Goblin
  • Bells of Ireland
  • Sunflower, Dwarf Sungold
  • Zinnia, Candy Cane, Giants, Envy, Starlight
  • Nasturtium
  • Sunflower, Evening Mix, Mammoth
  • California Poppy



  •  Zinnia, Candy Cane, Giants, Envy, Starlight
  • Nasturtium
  • Sunflower, Evening Mix, Mammoth
  • California Poppy

I will also purchase eggplant, jalapeno, tomato transplants, and anything else that looks good!

I agree,the anticipation is half the fun. I imagine stir fries, green salads, and bowls of kale salad. Soon dear ones, soon.

 From your mouthwatering garden director,



4 thoughts on “Memo from the Garden – May 17

  1. Figuring you know that you can eat those Nasturtiums…..a dear woman who used to run a local herb company made the best herb layered cake and she always put Nasturtiums on top…it was delicious :O)

    • I have never tried them….but heard they are good. They are not really well suited to our climate but I have a perfect, semi-shady spot for them where they get lots of water.

  2. Whew! ~ just caught up with you and your return trip ~ been busy here with graduation and a trip to see the wild horses. I have got to get my blog in gear so I can share. I am always entertained and informed with your sharing…..you set the bar high for an interesting blog.

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