I hate to beat a dead horse, but I simply must share with you what I am finding out about license scanning or “swiping”. My license was swiped by Federal police when I was doing the old lady thing of getting lost and ending up at the front gate of a heavily guarded arsenal.  Surprise!!!

As you can imagine, there are lots of issues around this seemingly innocent process of scanning a driver’s license.  For more information, click here. I hope in the future there is some kind of regulation.. I wonder what would have happened if I said NO, you cannot swipe my license you little twit. I can see the national headlines: “Chick Minister from Wyoming Defies Feds and  Throws Dirty Laundry onto Federal Property in Protest”

I guess what really bothers me is that now those little feds know secret information about me, things I have carefully kept hidden for so long,. While I was sitting there looking lost, they were able to determine my sex, my age, my race, and my hair color (wrong on that one since it still says brown). I had expected them, along with everyone else to think I was a 20-something  black male. There goes my cover!

Who cares about the little stuff, like being able to view my alias names, digital fingerprints, and facial recognition template after scanning my driver’s license? That’s small stuff compared to knowing I am a 58 and 10/12ths  year old female. Who wants the world to know that I ask you.? Sigh…it is tough to get away with anything these days.

Of course, a good plan would be not getting  lost around Federal installations in the first place. Do they make a pill for that?  I still have room in my specially marked  pill box for a Lunchtime or Bedtime pill. \


2 thoughts on “Driver’s License Swiping

  1. I follow a lot of blogs, and some I have to delete. I accidentally deleted yours today, but luckily I was smart enough to retrieve it, read it, giggle and post my thoughts. Love your stuff. Keep it coming…

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