What a quick return trip. As I write this I am back home in Wheatland. Last night the campground was quiet and windy, so no fire or sitting outside until the wee hours. No cooking stove either, so tonight I will try to dehydrated hash browns.  This morning I hit the road ultra-early, eager as always to get home after a long trip.

The highlight of this morning was the “homecoming” view of the Snowy Range, shortly after crossing into Wyoming on I-80. What a sight; true to its name, it was covered in snow, which is very good news for our farmers who need irrigation water. The header photo is of the Snowy Range. The roads won’t be clear of snow until mid-July, but it is a “must see” kind of place.

snowy mapArea, which includes the Snowy Range, is west of Cheyenne

The second highlight was seeing Laramie Peak, which is just west of Wheatland. It is also the first peak viewed by the Oregon Trail travelers, so I always get a thrill, as if seeing it through the eyes of pioneers. laramie peak

Laramie Peak, my friend Bob is buried not far from this spot

While driving I think a bunch about my episode at Rock Island Arsenal. In particular, I wonder about when the guard scans my driver’s license in his hand-held, wireless device. So what kind of information do they receive back after scanning?  Do they get an “all clear” message for someone like me…kind of a default for anyone not in the bad guy data bases?

Or do the guards get my “ranking”. Say, using a scale of 1-10, with 1 being non-criminal but zombie- like and 10 being a the equivalent of an Eagle Scout. If that is the case I should hope mine is at least a 12, for spawning and raising a darn good Marine. Or maybe people are assigned a color. Remember the time after 911 when our national security status was assigned a color for risk level—yellow, orange, red? The government likes colors, and I bet they all have lots of crayons. Anyway, if we are assigned colors, I certainly hope I am the color lime green, one of my favorites. Besides being cheery and energetic, lime is kind of tart, so those young guards would know not to mess too much with me. Spunky lime green: I like it. I don’t suppose I will ever know what came across the guards screen after scanning my license, I just hope I was something more than a credit rating or social security number. I hope I was more than a default, plain vanilla okay person. When I crash government installations I want to be recognized for the spunky, spacey, gray-haired lady I am! I earned it.

So, I am home but I will continue my blogging; so much ahead, including finally getting the garden in, 5K training, and finding a sweet little travel trailer! Right now I feel like a spoiled little brat, used to doing whatever I want, going to sleep when I want, eating whatever I want. Back to reality soon!

2 thoughts on “3.2 Sleep

  1. Oh Jane….I just spent an hour here at work going through some more of your blog. I see a list of books I’ll have to read when we finally get going. The whole short trip through some of your links was purely sweet! I’ve saved horticulture. I’ll have to tell you a funny story when this city girl married the farmer and we planted our first garden :0)

    • Thanks for reading some of my stuff! My blog has evolved from a gardening blog to a ? blog!

      Looking forward to hearing about that first garden. Now that I am home I can start mine I am longing for fresh spinach.

      BTW, I passed two Casitas the last few days. They sure look nice.

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