Week 5 training was  odd but fun. I was on the road and camping or staying in a hotel. Therefore, every time was different and interesting. The best day was Monday/Tuesday when I walked and then wogged on nice dirt roads. Ever since the treadmill I have been achy and sore. Still, walking and wogging at Kelleys Island State Park was beautiful. I can wog for quite a while but my leg muscles are cramping up a lot. Going to do some online research on that. From a stamina point I am doing okay.

Overall, I didn’t give training my best effort, but am happy to have kept up a schedule. On Mothers Day I will walk/run a 5K while here in Ohio.

Mon                 Cross Train  Walk 2 miles, Buffalo Bill State Park

Tues                 Wog 2.5 miles,    “                  “

Weds              Cross Train, Swim 20 mins

Thurs               Wog on treadmill 2 miles

Fri                    Rest Day

Sat                   Cross train, walk

Sun                  Wog approx. 2 miles, Kelley Island State Park

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