I started this blog just over a year ago to share all my gardening wisdom. Then, we got slammed with a drought and the garden was less than stellar–certainly no reflection of the garden expertise that I claimed.

Now, I’ve invaded this space with a bunch a rantings and ravings (sometimes more than once a day), pix of stupid purses, stories about my spoiled dog, and blatant attempts to make a few pennies off Amazon sales through my blog. Why such madness?

Well, for one thing, the garden is covered in snow. That’s right. It snowed again this week. However, there will be no “happy snow day” photos this go round. Enough enough!  My backyard garden:


Commercial for snow dwellers:

Do you too need snow removal items? Check out this link to cool snow removal stuff

This Snow Wolf SW0310 Wheeled Snow Shovel” is a MUST HAVE for any self-respecting snow belt dweller.

Back to the garden.

My year follows natural cycles. I garden/camp in in the early spring/summer, pickle/freeze/watch football/camp in the fall, get through Christmas and Easter in one piece, and start all over again. My life is that simple. So I should be gardening every spare second right now. With the garden covered in snow and with nothing to do after the workday, blogging is my new gardening. That’s right, I am just filling in some white space here and letting you peer into my inner mind. Gardening stories were so much more fun, I know.

So, in case you are wondering, I will plant a stinkin garden this year. There is only one problem. I am leaving April 29th for two weeks “vacation”. That means nothing will get planted until after May 15th. This eliminates all the cool season crops. However, I can go big with the warm season stuff. Considering that our average last frost date is May 22 and our average first frost date is September 22, I still have 120 garden days ahead of me. You will hear all about it, soon enough.

In the meantime I will be out zombie hunting across America’s mid-section. I will be sure to give you regular updates of my travels.

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